Friday, May 16, 2008

Ken Griffey pays off his debts with thousands of pennies

What a great morning to be a blogger. After a great graduation gag at Yankee Stadium and a fantastic Oriole Magic remake comes this outstanding clubhouse prank from none other than the kid they call Junior Griffey Since he apparently owed Josh Fogg $1,500, Ken Griffey Jr. went about paying him back in the most devious way possible. Entirely in pennies. According to the legendary Hal McCoy of the Daily Dayton News, Griffey paid off his debt by having 150,000 pennies — $25 to a box, 60 total cartons — stacked in Fogg's locker like it was a safe deposit box. Even better, Griffey worked a sponsorship into the whole affair. From the DDN: “I’m a man of my word,” said Griffey. “And when you owe a man $1,500, you pay him. And I’d like to thank the lovely people at National City Bank for helping me with this joke. There isn’t a whole lot you can do with pennies. Just think, each box weighs 16 pounds, so the man has 60 bowling balls in his locker.” There are so many reasons that almost everyone is a fan of Griffey's and you can add the fact he's still having fun as he closes in on 600 homers to that long list. About the only person who might not appreciate this will probably be the guy stuck behind Fogg at Best Buy as the pitcher tries to buy a new flat screen with all those copper Abe Lincolns.

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