Friday, August 15, 2008

California Approves New Surgery Rule.

In response to the death of Donda West, Kanye West’s mother, the California State Senate on Wednesday approved a requirement that patients be given a physical exam before elective surgery, according to the Los Angeles Times.
State Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas told the paper that the measure was in response to West’s death last November of complications related to cosmetic surgery. The family reportedly believes that a physical exam would have uncovered coronary artery disease. “Many of us are concerned about the quality of care extended to those who receive elective surgery,” Ridley-Thomas said. The vote was 37 to 1.
The doctor who performed the surgery, Jan Adams, admitted to performing the operation but has denied any wrongdoing. In June, he was arrested for drunk driving, pleaded not guilty and was released on a $10,000 bond. He will return to court in October, according to Vacaville, California’s The Reporter.
Rest In Peace Dr. Donda West.

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